The Fumeiro Artesanal de Seia is now a benchmark for quality in the area of high quality handmade sausages in Portugal.

It was in the small village of Póvoa das Quartas, at the foot of the Serra da Estrela, where it was born a craft, a taste and a unique skill, that whisper ancient traditions and habits in the art of the confection of smoked sausages, a tradition that dates back to 3 generations.

The initial local business, flourished and grew, giving rise, in 1978, through his founder José Mendes, to the company, always producing hand made sausages. At this stage, the sausages were sold in the region of Beira Alta, as well as in Covilha. In 1999 the factory was built, which started a new cycle, associated with the brand Fumeiro Artesanal de Seia.

Always faithful to the process of hand made production, to the rigorous selection criteria of ingredients and raw materials of natural origin, the Fumeiro Artesanal de Seia had from the beginning, the quality and the traditional method of handmade production of their products recognized. The Fumeiro Artesanal de Seia is a member of the Associação dos Artesãos da Serra da Estrela, and is being studied by PPART – Promoção dos Ofícios e das Microempresas Artesanais.